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Drainage Woven Geotextile Geotube Dewatering Bags For Sewage Disposal

Drainage Woven Geotextile Geotube Dewatering Bags For Sewage Disposal

Drainage Geotube Dewatering Bags

Sewage Geotube Dewatering Bags

Sewage geotextile dewatering tubes

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Product Details
Geotextile Type:
Product Name:
PP Geotube
Product Material:
Black And Customsized
Product Application:
Sludge Dewateering
Product SIze:
3x4ft, 3.5x7ft, 6x6ft, 7.5x10ft
Geotextile, Geotextile Liner
Product Description

Woven PP Geotextile Tube Geotube for Sewage Disposal


Product Description


Woven Geotextile Dewatering tube is made from a specially constructed geotextile that has excellent tensile strengths and filtration characteristics suitable for the manufacture of dewatering tubes and for the dewatering of a range of sludge materials.

The engineering tubes that originally provides a unique and cost effective solution to engineering problems in a marine environment. In more recent times the use of this products has been extended to include the effective dewatering of sludge from a range of industrial processes.
The use of such products provides a very innovative, efficient and economical alternative to the dewatering of sludge over more traditional methods.
Geotextile tube allows for effective high volume containment with efficient dewatering and volume reduction. The geotextile tube offers users cost savings in disposal costs and the ability to on-site manage waste generated with no special equipment requirements.


- Custom Fabrication to Suit the Application
- High Strength Factory Seam Strength
- High-flow Geotextile for efficient Dewatering

Widely used in Waste water treatment, sand/sludge dewatering, sand beach/shoreline protection, breakwater, Dam, river regulation and sewage disposal, etc.


Drainage Woven Geotextile Geotube Dewatering Bags For Sewage Disposal 0



Item Unit Testing Standard Technical Parameters
GT70X95B GT70X95
Breaking strength MD KN/m ISO 10319-2015 85 85
CD KN/m ISO 10319-2015 105 115
Elongation of break MD % ISO 10319-2015 13 13
CD % ISO 10319-2015 8 8
Sewing Tensile Strength KN/m ISO 10321-2008 70 90
Static Bursting Strength(CBR) KN GB/T 14800-2010 8 9
Equivalent hole size(O90) mm GB/T 14799-2005 0.5 0.45
Permeability(Q50) L/m2/s GB/T 15789-2005 50 35
UV-resistance (500 Hours strength retention) % ASTMD4355-2014 90 90


Drainage Woven Geotextile Geotube Dewatering Bags For Sewage Disposal 1

What is geosynthetics ?

Geosynthetics form a perfect erosion control fabric used extremely widely in civil engineering to stabilize and reinforce slopes and soil under or next to roads, railways, dams, water reservoirs etc.. They can be easily applied which minimizes the time of construction, as well as they limit the resources and materials necessary.

What kinds of geosynthetics we have ?

Non-woven geotextile, geogrids, geocells, GCL, Geomembranes, Geonets, Geocomposites etc .

What is the geosynthetics used for ?

Lagooning and Water Treatment, Ornamental Ponds, Golf Courses
Aquaculture and Desalination,Water Lagoons,Tanks, Reservoirs, Liquid Waste,Floating Cover Solutions, Drainage and Filtration

Tailing ponds, Landfills,Landfill Capping,Protection against corrosion,Vertical Barriers

Civil Works
Erosion Control,Secondary Containment,Tunnels,Linear and Surface Works,Consolidation of Margins,Soil Reinforcement,Soil Separation.
Building - Parkings,Roofing,Soundproofing

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