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EM2 EM3 EM4 EM5 3D Geomat 400 Gsm Plastic Erosion Control Mats

EM2 EM3 EM4 EM5 3D Geomat 400 Gsm Plastic Erosion Control Mats

3D geomat 400

Plastic geomat 400

400 Gsm plastic erosion control mats

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Product Details
Product Name:
Geomat, Other Earthwork Products
Green Black
Design Style:
Tensile Strenght:
0.8-3.2 KN/m
Ecological Slope Protection System
Product Description

EM2 EM3 EM4 EM5 3D geomat Erosion control mat HDPE Geomat


Product Description:

Three-dimensional earthwork mat is a kind of three-dimensional mesh fabric made of polymer composites. The texture of the earthwork mat is loose and pliable, with 90% of the space to fill the soil and sand, and the root system of the plant can grow through the mat. The grass skin that grows hind makes net cushion, grass skin, soil surface firm together. The root system of plants can be reached under the surface of 30-50cm, thus forming a solid green composite protective layer.


Geomat is a stable tri-dimension net structure, produced by multi -layer plastic geonet welding together. The surface is uneven and crumbly, so it allows soil or sand be filled in by 90%. Plants roots can go through the geomat freely to a depth of 30-40cm. In this way, plants, geomat and soil are firmly connected to protect the slope.

Product parameters:


Three-dimensional Geonet
item Specification
Type EM2 EM3 EM4 EM5
Unit area weight≥(g/㎡) 220 260 350 430
Thickness≥(mm) 10 12 14 16
Longitudinal tensile strength≥(KN/M) 0.8 1.4 2 3.2
Transverse tensile strength≥(KN/M) 0.8 1.4 2 3.2




Product Function:

1,Alternative concrete, asphalt, slab stone and other slope protection materials, mainly used for highway, railway, river, embankment, slope and other slope protection.

2,The soil can be protected from wind and rain before it grows up

3,The compound protection layer formed after the plant grows can withstand high water level, and hurried water flow.

4,The cost of the project can be greatly reduced, and the cost is only 1/7 of the concrete protection slope and the slope of dry masonry, and 1/8 of the slurry masonry stone.

5,Due to high polymer materials and UV anti-stabilizer, it has high chemical stability and no pollution to the environment.

6,The construction is simple, after the surface level is flat, can be constructed


EM2 EM3 EM4 EM5 3D Geomat 400 Gsm Plastic Erosion Control Mats 0



1. What is geosynthetics ?
Geosynthetics form a perfect erosion control fabric used extremely widely in civil engineering to stabilize and reinforce slopes and soil under or next to roads, railways, dams, water reservoirs etc.. They can be easily applied which minimizes the time of construction, as well as they limit the resources and materials necessary.

2. What kinds of geosynthetics we have ?
Non-woven geotextile, geogrids, geocells, GCL, Geomembranes, Geonets, Geocomposites etc .

3. What is the geosynthetics used for ?
Lagooning and Water Treatment, Ornamental Ponds, Golf Courses Aquaculture and Desalination,Water Lagoons,Tanks, Reservoirs, Liquid Waste,Floating Cover Solutions, Drainage and Filtration.


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