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PP Woven Geotextile Geo Bag Geotube Sludge Dewatering Waterproof

PP Woven Geotextile Geo Bag Geotube Sludge Dewatering Waterproof

geotube sludge dewatering Waterproof

Geotube dewatering containers

PP Woven geotube sludge dewatering

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Product Details
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Corrosion Resistant, Oxidation Resistance, Wear-resistant
Insulation, Waterproof, Water Filter
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Technical Data Sheet
3x4ft, 3.5x7ft, 6x6ft, 7.5x10ft, Customized
Filtration ,Separation,Drainage, Reinforcement
Product Description

Sludge Dewatering Dewatering PP Woven Geotextile Geo Bag Geotube

Geotube dewatering containers are supplied to site and placed into position. Sludge which is treated with specialist polymers is then pumped into the containers and the clear effluent water is then drained leaving the solid remains within the container. When full the containers can be disposed at a landfill or the solids removed and land-applied.

This simple but effective process makes Geotube dewatering containers ideal for the pulp and paper industries for primary and secondary lagoon cleanout and for processes to remove tailings, coal sludge and other minerals. Geotube dewatering containers have also been used for water and wastewater treatment dewatering to provide a reduction of up to 85% to 90% in BOD and in agriculture to efficiently manage waste in the dairy, poultry and other agricultural industries.

Iterm Unit Standard Index
HT500 HT750 HT1000
Tensile Strength Radial Direction KN/M ISO 10319-2015 85 130 220
Zonal Direction KN/M ISO 10319-2015 115 120 200
Elongation at Break Radial Direction % ISO 10319-2015 13 12 13
Zonal Direction % ISO 10319-2015 8 8 8
Joint Tensile Strength KN/M ISO 10319-2015 90 100 170
CBR KN GB/T14800-2010 9 15 20
Dynamic Perforation MM GB/T17630-1998 8 10 8
Effective Aperture(O90) MM GB/T14799-2005 0.45 0.4/0.28 0.45
Permeability(Q50) L/m2/s GB/T15789-2005 35 14 18
UV Resistance % ASTM D4355-2014 90 85 85


  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Marine remediation
  • mineral processing
  • Power & utility
  • Pulp & paper
  • Light industrial
  • Agriculture including the dairy industry, piggeries and abattoirs
  • Aquaculture


  • High flow rate allows residual materials to dewater, whilst containing solids
  • Custom fabricated with seaming techniques that withstand pressure during pumping operations
  • TenCate pioneered the dewatering technology, spending years perfecting the technology and patenting circumferential seaming (which provides excellent strength for very large tubes under high pumping pressure)
  • Supported by design advice and guidance on polymer use for your sludge
  • Thousands of dewatering projects around the world have used Geotube units

PS: The first step is to fill, high strength and permeable geotextile bag body needed to make into actual, then filling slurry into the bag.

PS: The second step is drainage, because the geotextile that makes up the bag has tiny holes that trap it in the mud, solids can also discharge water from the mud, which can effectively reduce the volume of inclusion in the bag body,The bag body can be repeatedly filled until the allowable height of the bag material is reached, and the discharged water can be reused.
View FilePS: The third step is consolidation. After repeated filling and drainage, the fine particles left in the bag body will gradually consolidate due to drying.


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