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Black Woven Geotextile Geotube Dewatering Bags For Sludge Dewatering Filter

Black Woven Geotextile Geotube Dewatering Bags For Sludge Dewatering Filter

specialized geotube dewatering bags

woven geotextile geotube dewatering bags

specialized geotube bags

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Product Details
Reinforcement, Filtration, Etc
Insulation, Waterproof, Water Filter
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Sludge Dewatering Geotube
Corrosion Resistant, Oxidation Resistance, Wear-resistant
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Product Description

Geotextile tube

Geotube is made from high strength polypropylene bag, can also use woven cloth material, choose the product material according to the project actual demand; Common black; Adjusted according to different specifications of products commonly used material 400 gsm; Unlimited length, the width can be multiple image splicing unlimited width, but directly affect the dehydration tube bag material intensity range is wider requirements material strength is higher; Basic order fill height for two-thirds of the diameter of the tube bag; According to the construction site of the grouting machine diameter custom, can according to actual situation or adding medicament (increased solidification speed accelerate spate separation).
Geotextile Tube is one of the most effective components that are most usually used in protective structure of waterproof erosion. Soft mattress is covered to the places where water flows to reduce the impact energy of water flow and protect soil particles from being flown away by water flow by means of its filtration function, thus, ensuring the stability of soil mass.
High Quality Geotube Dewatering for Capturing Dredged Sludge
Black Woven Geotextile Geotube Dewatering Bags For Sludge Dewatering Filter 1
What materials can a geotextile tube dewater?

The list of materials that can been dewatered by geotextile tubes includes:
Municipal water treatment and wastewater sludge
Contaminated dredged material
Marine dredgings
Agricultural animal waste
Fine-grained, inorganic industrial sludge
Construction dewatering
Shale fracking waste water



1).High tensile strength(70-200KN/m)
2).High seam strength(>80%)
We use the domestic leading seaming technology. The edge seams of geotube have more strong tensile strength than the overseam sewing technology, which is very good to prevent geotube be filled into burst out.
3). High UV resistance(>90%/500h)
4). High resistance to acid and alkali (PH 2-13)

High Quality Geotube Dewatering for Capturing Dredged Sludge
Cost-effective alternate to traditional methods
Minimal environmental impact
Optimize land usage
Work with a large variety of sediments, sludge and sand
High-strength, permeable geotextile
Tough, UV resistant

Professional geosynthetics manufacturer
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