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Woven Geotextile Tube Geotube For Dredging Sand Dewatering And Coastal Protection

Woven Geotextile Tube Geotube For Dredging Sand Dewatering And Coastal Protection

Dredging Geotube Bags

3x4ft Woven Geotextile Tube

Coastal Protection Geotextile Tube

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Product Details
Breaking Strength In CD:
Breaking Strength In MD:
Transport Package:
Woven Bags
Product Name:
Woven Geotextile Tube Dewatering Bag
UV Treated Or As Per Customer′s Requirements
3x4ft, 3.5x7ft, 6x6ft, 7.5x10ft, 10x10ft
Product Description

The Geotextile Tube Bag dehydration technology is an effective technology and a solution that has been proven safe for dehydration by many research centers around the world. It is made of high-performance, special polypropylene monofilament, flat yarn or split film yarn for cloth processing and special sewing.
High Tenacity Polypropylene PP Woven Geotextile Bag Geotube Price

Main Features

1. High strength, low deformation geotube geotube
2. Durability: steady property, not easy to resolved, air slaked and can keep the original property long term
3. Anti-erosion: anti-acid, anti-alkali, resists insects and mould geotube
4. Permeability: could control the sieve size to retain certain permeability geotube
5.Effective high volume containment
6.Efficient dewatering and volume reduction
7.Cost effective
8.No special equipment required

High Tenacity Polypropylene PP Woven Geotextile Bag Geotube Price

Technical Data Sheet
Item Unit Testing Standard Technical Parameters
GT70X95B GT70X95
Breaking strength MD KN/m ISO 10319-2015 85 85
CD KN/m ISO 10319-2015 105 115
Elongation of break MD % ISO 10319-2015 13 13
CD % ISO 10319-2015 8 8
Sewing Tensile Strength KN/m ISO 10321-2008 70 90
Static Bursting Strength(CBR) KN GB/T 14800-2010 8 9
Equivalent hole size(O90) mm GB/T 14799-2005 0.5 0.45
Permeability(Q50) L/m2/s GB/T 15789-2005 50 35
UV-resistance (500 Hours strength retention) % ASTMD4355-2014 90 90


Compared with the traditional direct stacking method in the mud dump, geotube has the following advantages:

1. Economical, no large-scale equipment and factory investment is required, and only a small number of non-professional operators are needed; the sludge dehydration part does not require electricity, and has the advantages of energy saving and emission reduction.

2. Convenience, the diameter and length of the geotube can be adjusted as needed. It has strong plasticity, is stackable, and is easy to transport.

3. Environmentally friendly, fully enclosed construction, almost no noise, and less likely to cause secondary pollution.

4. High efficiency, it can fully meet the processing capacity of wastewater and sludge. The processing capacity can increase or decrease the number of pipe bags according to the flow rate of the pump.

5. The volume reduction effect is good. The sludge volume can basically be reduced by more than 90% within a month, making subsequent removal and treatme

High Tenacity Polypropylene PP Woven Geotextile Bag Geotube Price


Every geotextile tube project is unique. As such, general guidelines can be described, but each project requires consultation with a geotextile tube expert to identify the project's singular attributes and to design the sludge dewatering process accordingly. It is of utmost importance to place the geotextile tube on a level ground and before deploying, any barriers ,such as stone ,sundry , have to be removed as to prevent them from influencing the deploying effect. After the geotextile tube delivered to the site, secure it on ground with external steel pipe or timber pile to fix the position of geotube. Prepare the feeding equipment in advance, like cutter head and suction dredge (for dredged materials), feed pump (for sludge materials),which are to be used in the following operations.
Geotextile tube have a "shirt-sleeve" style filling port. Simply place the pump hose into the port and secure it with a hose clamp, tie-wire or duct tape. Once the pumping begins, clear, effluent water will drain from the tube through the small openings in the permeable geotextile fabric. Meanwhile, the sludge dewatering tube bottom will develop a filter cake quickly, so the water will decant mainly out of the sides and top of the tube gradually.
After a long-time cycle of repeated cycles of filling and dewatering, over 99% of solids are captured. Typically, the decanted water can be returned to waterways without additional treatment. If any erosion caused around the tube, deploy the sump pumps at the all four corners of the area to collect the effluent.

1- During pumping, the elevation or height of the tube needs to be monitored to prevent ruptures. Typically, keep the height to be 80% is more a optimum.
2- The sands gathered the most at the entrance of port , so adjust the sand concentration at the proper time to assure the sands depositing smoothly.
3- To fill the tube to its required height, the designed height should be equal or greater than the half of the diameter of geotextile tube.
4- The sand concentration of the dewatered material shoul.

High Tenacity Polypropylene PP Woven Geotextile Bag Geotube Price


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