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50mm Length HDPE Grass Paving Grids Greening System Paver Turf Grid

50mm Length HDPE Grass Paving Grids Greening System Paver Turf Grid

Greening System Gravel Grids

HDPE Grass Paving Grids

Plastic Paver Turf Grid

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Product Details
Normal 50mm
Design Style:
38mm, 48mm, 68mm
Greening System
HDPE Grass Paving Grids
Product Description

Product Description

HDPE grass paving grids paver turf grid gravel grids is made from HDPE (high-molecular polyethylene) with fiber and age resistor, using high pressure to inject plastic to form bee nest-like shaped shell, with stereo space and support level.

Plastic Grass Gravel Paver Grid for Car Parking

2.Technical Data:

Product Name Plastic Grass Paver
Model GPP-38 GPP-48 GPP-68
Size(mm) 410×390×38 410×390×48 410×390×68
500×500×38 500×500×68
Pressure Strength 160ton/sqm-250ton/sqm
Material HDPE ( high-density polyethylene )
Product Type Virign material and Recycled Material
Durability at least 4 years in neutral ground of 4 < pH < 9
Working Temperature Apply in temperature of -10ºC to 50ºC
Anti HCL 30%x24h, no visible change
Thermal Aging 70ICx24h, no visible change
Anti UV UPE>30 T(UVA)AV<5%, qualified
1.Reduce ground reflection, reduce ground heat radiation
1. Variety of application
Available in a variety of cell sizes, depths, section lengths, and facade colors to suit the project's needs.
2. Good greening effect
Grass grid provides more than 95% of the planting area, complete greening effect, can absorb sound, dust, significantly improve the quality of the environment and taste. (Reference: Only 30% void in concrete herbivores).
3. Convenient construction
Simple construction, buckle, save time and effort.
4.Good product quality
performance stability, UV resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-wear pressure, weather resistance -40℃-90℃. (Reference: concrete herbivores are prone to cracking and damage due to temperature changes and frost).
5. Protect the lawn
gravel bearing layer provides a certain water storage function, conducive to lawn growth, grass roots can grow to the gravel layer. (Reference: concrete herbivores have very little space and can reach temperatures of over 50 degrees in the summer sun).
Plastic Grass Gravel Paver Grid for Car Parking
Plastic Grass Gravel Paver Grid for Car Parking





4.How to install?
1. Start in corner of the project area with male tabs of first grid facing towards the center of the area
2. Line up female slots of next grid over male tabs of the first grid.
3. Lock grid into its place.
4. Repeat until the area is covered with a connected grid.
5. Gravel fill: Fill the grid with the desired aggregate to top of the grid.
6. Lightly compact to settle.
7. Grass fill: Fill the grid with soil and seed.

Plastic Grass Gravel Paver Grid for Car Parking
5. Application:

1.Grass Parking Lots
2.Overflow grass car & bus parking lots
3.Grass Fire Truck Access routes / Fire Lanes
4.Handicap access routes
5.Golf cart paths
6.Emergency grass access roads
7.Residential access and parking spaces
8.Grass Driveway and grass shoulders

Plastic Grass Gravel Paver Grid for Car Parking
Plastic Grass Gravel Paver Grid for Car Parking


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