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3000M Eco Friendly Oil Spilling Silt Curtain Containment Boom

3000M Eco Friendly Oil Spilling Silt Curtain Containment Boom

Eco Friendly Oil Spilling Silt Curtain

Oil Spilling Containment Boom

Oil Spilling Floating Silt Curtain

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silt curatin

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Silt Curatin
By Sea
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Water Pollution Control
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Product Description
Product Description

Permeable floating silt curtain are the premium turbidity products to keep sediment under control for today's demanding marine construction and industrial environment. We offer a wide variety of pervious and impervious oil spill containment boom that meet?internation requirements .A silt barrier is a land or water based product designed to contain silt during construction or marine repair projects. For water areas, Triton floating turbidity barriers (also known as silt screen, silt booms, or turbidity curtains) surround and contain suspended silt and allow it time to settle. For land based jobs, staked silt fence form a barrier for runoff filtration. Correctly installing these floating silt curtain in silt retention helps you stay in compliance by containing silt and reducing stormwater pollution.
Turbidity curtain yellow can be used to control, contain, deflect or recover floating debris. Built to meet the specific needs and?requirements?of your?location, these barriers have effectively been used with?hyacinth, duckweed, trash, plastic, cranberries, fish and marine life, logs and debris. Whether you need a seaweed protection barrier, trash control, aquatic plant containment or even marine life control, these yellow floating silt curtain can meet your needs.
Benefits of Silt Curtain systems:3000M Eco Friendly Oil Spilling Silt Curtain Containment Boom 0
Custom designed to project requirements
Effective in turbidity control and confining sediments to maintain safety and environmental practices
Complete and effective prefabricated system with accessories

PVC Flotation Oil Boom Specification
Model FOB-650 FOB-700 FOB-750 FOB-800 FOB-900 FOB-950 FOB-1000 FOB-1100
freeboard 180mm 260mm 250mm 330mm 325mm 320mm 160mm 250mm
sea gauge 320mm 400mm 410mm 540mm 650mm 770mm 340mm 500mm
standard length 20m15m,10m
standard 20KN 40KN 55KN 65KN 75KN 85KN 20KN 35KN
scale of submerged weight 3.9 5.6 4.9 6.2 5.6 5.5 3.2 4.2
weight 3.7kg/m 6.2kg/m 7.1kg/m 8.4kg/m 9.3kg/m 9.5kg/m 3.3kg/m 4.5kg/m
Max. wave resisted 0.5m 1m 1.5m 1.8m 2m 1m 0.5m 0.5m
Max. wind speed resisted 10m/s 15m/s 15m/s 18m/s 18m/s 20m/s 10m/s 10m/s
Max. flow velocity resisted 1 1.5 2 2Kn 2.5Kn 2.5Kn 1 1
20m/60m Packing 1*1*0.6 1.2*1*1 1.3*1.1*1.1 1.4*1.5*1.2 1.4*1.6*1.3 1.4*1.7*1.4 1.4*1.7*0.8 1.4*1.7*1.2

applications include:
Bridge construction or repair
Rock wall construction or repair
Jetty construction or repair
Civil works in or adjacent to waterways
Coastal or marine dredging
Sediment pond management

3000M Eco Friendly Oil Spilling Silt Curtain Containment Boom 1

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