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Natural Bentonite Geosynthetic GCL Clay Liner Waterproof Pad

Natural Bentonite Geosynthetic GCL Clay Liner Waterproof Pad

GCL Clay Liner Pad

Natural Bentonite GCL Clay Liner

gcl geosynthetic clay liners Pad

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Geosynthetic clay liner(GCL)

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Product Details
Anti-leakage Projects
Product Name:
Bentonite Composite Waterproof Blanket
Black White
Sodium Bentonite, Special Composite Geotextile And Non-woven Fabric
Water Conservancy, Garbage Landfills, Underground
Normal 30m
1m-6m.Normal 5.8m
4 Kg/m2 - 6 Kg/m2
Product Description

bentonite natural Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) bentonite waterproof carpet/blanket


Product introduction

The Geosynthetic Clay Liner is a high-tech, green, composite waterproof material.

GCL is a geosynthetic material specially used for anti-seepage in artificial lakes, waterscapes, landfills, underground garages,roof gardens, pools, oil depots and chemical storage yards. It is made of highly expansive sodium bentonite Filled between a special composite geotextile and a non-woven fabric, the bentonite impermeable mat made by needle punching can form many small fiber spaces.

The product also has other titles, such as bentonite waterproof pad, bentonite anti-seepage blanket, bentonite waterproof felt, bentonite anti-leakage pad, bentonite blanket, bentonite pad.Natural Bentonite Geosynthetic GCL Clay Liner Waterproof Pad 0
Product function
1.Compactness: The sodium bentonite forms a high-density diaphragm under water pressure. When the thickness is about 3mm, its water permeability is below a×10-11m/sec, which is equivalent to 100 times the compactness of 30cm thick clay. Strong self-holding water performance.

2.Has permanent waterproof performance: Because sodium bentonite is a natural inorganic material, even after a long time or the surrounding environment changes, it will not be aging or corroded, so the waterproof performance is long-lasting.

3. Simple construction and short construction period: Compared with other waterproof materials, the construction is relatively simple and does not require heating and pasting. Just use bentonite powder, nails, washers, etc. to connect and fix. No special inspection is required after construction, and it is easy to repair if waterproof defects are found. GCL is the shortest construction period among the existing waterproof materials.

4. Not affected by temperature: it won't be brittle under cold weather conditions.

5. Integration of waterproof materials and objects: When sodium-based bentonite reacts with water, it has 13-16 times the expansion capacity. Even if the concrete structure vibrates and settles, the bentonite in the GCL can repair the cracks on the concrete surface within 2mm.

6 Green and environmental protection: Bentonite is a natural inorganic material, which is harmless and non-toxic to the human body, has no special impact on the environment, and has good environmental performance.


Natural Bentonite Geosynthetic GCL Clay Liner Waterproof Pad 1

Product advantage


1. Improved leakage performance.

2. Permanent waterproof performance.

3. Simple construction and the short time limit for a project.
4. Not influenced by the air temperature.
5. A kind of green material and good to environmental protection.
6. More versatile than compacted clay.
7. Increased airspace and liner efficiency.


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