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1.1-1.8mm Textured Plastic HDPE Geocell Sheet Cellular Confinement System

1.1-1.8mm Textured Plastic HDPE Geocell Sheet Cellular Confinement System

Textured HDPE Geocell

HDPE Geocell Sheet

1.8mm geocell cellular confinement system

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Plastic HDPE Geocell

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Product Details
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Support For Quality Traceability
Corrosion Resistance:
Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Concrete Materials, Soil & Rock
Application Field:
Railway, Highway, Mine, Port, Airport, Slope Prote
Distributing Load, Anti-deforming, Non-skid
HDPE Plastic Sheet Cellular Geocells
Rapid Construction
Product Description

1.1-1.8mm Textured/Perforated HDPE Plastic Sheet Cellular Geocells For Channel Slopes Reinforcement Protection



HDPE Plastic Sheet Cellular Geocells Description:


HDPE Geocell is made by welding the strengthened HDPE sheets by a high-power ultrasonic. We can produce surfaces like smooth, texture or perforated. It is a structure of three-dimension product.
HDPE Geocell is easily folding and convenient for transportation. When construction, the HDPE geocell can be working as a network and will be launched into a three-dimensional honeycomb grid. HDPE Geocell has strong sidewise restraint and high rate of stiffness.

It is light materials, wear-resistant, chemically stable, photo-oxidation, acid and alkali, suitable for different soils and soil conditions such as desert. Besides, it has High lateral limitations and non-slip, deformation, effectively enhancing subgrade's bearing capacity and distributed loads.


The Advantage of Geocell
- Provides cost effective, long-term slope and channel protection and stabilization.
- Ease in transportation and on-site handling due to collapsible cells.
- Rapid and simple installation conforms to most terrain profiles.
- Ultrasonic welding of cell joints ensures maximum strength.
- Easily dismantled and subsequently re-used.
- Withstands high weight bearing loads.
- Resistant to biological attack and a wide range of soil borne chemicals.



Technical Parameters:
Material Properties Unit         Test Method
Cell Depth mm 75 100 150 200  
Polymer Density g/cm3 0.935-0.965 ASTM D 1505
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Hours >400 ASTM D 5397
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Hours 6000 ASTM D 1693
Carbon Black Content % 1.5% - 2.0% ASTM D 1603
Nominal Sheet Thickness Before Texturing mm 1.27 -5%,+10% ASTM D 5199
Nominal Sheet Thickness After Texturing mm 1.52-5%,+10% ASTM D 5199
Strip Puncture Resistance N 450 ASTM D 4833
Seam Peel Strength N 1065 1420 2130 2840 EN ISO13426-1B
Seam Efficiency % 100 GRI-GS13
Nominal Expanded Cell Size (width x length) mm 320x287,475x508 etc  
Nominal Expanded Panel Size (width x length) m 2.56x8.35, 4.5x5.0, 6.5x4.5, 6.1x2.44  


1. High Grade Raw Material to Ensure the Product Performance
Use virgin HDPE material to assure consistent, reproducible, and long-lasting performance.
2. Ultrasonic Wedling to Ensure the Strength of the Seam
Strong weld continually tested to project assurance.
3. Honeycomb Structure to Bearing Heavy Load
Prevent horizontal movement, and increase both shear strength and bearing capacity.
4. Proformed Hole to Allow Water to Get Through
Prevents erosion, and allow water flow.



HDPE Geocell Application:

To stable the railway roadbed.
To stable the highway roadbed.
To bear the load of dike or retaining wall.
For the improvement of shallow riverway.
To support the pipeline and sewer foundation.
To prevent landslide. HDPE Geocell work as a heavy-duty hybrid force to retain wall.
To be used as an independent wall, wharf and breakwater.
For the desert, beaches and riverbed, the river bank's regulation, reinforcement.


1.1-1.8mm Textured Plastic HDPE Geocell Sheet Cellular Confinement System 0


Geocell Packing:

1.1-1.8mm Textured Plastic HDPE Geocell Sheet Cellular Confinement System 1



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