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Reinforced Geotextile Bentonite Geo Clay Liner GCL Bentonite

Reinforced Geotextile Bentonite Geo Clay Liner GCL Bentonite

Bentonite geo clay liner

GCL geo clay liner

Geotextile gcl bentonite

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Product Details
Model Number:
Geosynthetic Clay Liner
Black White
Application Field:
Waterproof Project Area
Three Layers
Product Description

Reinforced Geotextile Bentonite Geomembrane Geosynthetic Clay Liner Waterproof Pad

Product Description:

Geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) is composed of high dilatability of sodium base bentonite filling between the special composite geotextile and nonwoven fabric. It made by the method of acupuncture or suture composite impervious material. Use acupuncture into GCL can form many small fiber space, make the bentonite particles can't flow in one direction, when under the influence of water within the mat forming uniform density of colloidal waterproof layer, prevent the leakage of water.
For different projects, it can combine HDPE liner for better waterproof. Bentonite has the expansion of the water characteristics. General calcium base bentonite expands, its expansion is only about 3 times their own size; And sodium base bentonite adsorption 5 times its own weight of water in case of water, Volume expansion to the original 15 to 17 times above; The geotextile and nonwoven fabric lock sodium base bentonite in the middle of the two layers of geosynthetic materials, play a protecting and strengthening role , make the GCL has a certain overall shear strength.


Technical Parameters:


Bentonite composite waterproof blanket
item Specification
Unit area weight≥(g/㎡) ≥4000 ≥4000 ≥4000
Bentonite Swelling Index≥(mL/2g) 24 24 24
Blue absorption≥(g/100g) 30 30 30
Tensile Strength≥(N/100mm) 600 700 600
Maximum elongation≥(%) 10 10 8
Peel strength of non-woven fabric and woven fabric≥(N/100m) 40 40 _
Peel strength of pe film and non-woven fabric
_ 30 _
permeability coefficient≤(m/s) 5.0*10^-11 5.0*10^-12 5.0*10^-12
Durability of bentonite/≥(mL/2g) 20 20 20



Product Advantages:

1. It is Environment friendly;
2. It has Long-lasting waterproof performance;
3. It is Easy operation, loading and installation.
4. It is Quality guaranteed for 3 years.
5. It has Wide application in various projects.


Reinforced Geotextile Bentonite Geo Clay Liner GCL Bentonite 0



1. Municipal projects, subway, railway, underground, and roof waterproofing.
2. Landfill, waste,water treatment, industrial waste ponds.
3. Waterproofing and reinforcement in water conservancy, rivers, lakes and dams.
4. Artificial lake, golf course and shrimp ponds.
5. Petrifaction, mineral waterproofing.





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A: We are factory.

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A: Our products have been exported to many countries all over the world, including USA, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Russia, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Israel, India, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand...

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A: Yes. We are glad to provide free samples within 3 days.

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A: T/T,L/C.


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