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Anti Seepage Non Woven Weed Control Fabric Geotextile Felt Mat Barrier

Anti Seepage Non Woven Weed Control Fabric Geotextile Felt Mat Barrier

Anti Seepage non woven weed control fabric

Geotextile non woven weed control fabric

geotextile felt Mat

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Product Name:
Heavy Duty Woven Weed Mat Barrier Landscape Fabric For Weed Block
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Woven Geotextiles
Civil Engineering
Product Description

Heavy Duty Woven Weed Mat Barrier Landscape Fabric For Weed Block


Product Description: 

Woven Geotextiles are woven from durable, high-modulus polypropylene yarns into competent, robust, dimensionally stable geotextiles. These geotextiles are available in varying tensile strengths and hydraulic properties to suit particular project demands.


Woven Geotextiles are often used for separation and stabilization in the construction of roads. The woven geotextile's separation action prevents the mixing of dissimilar soils allowing each soil layer in the road structure to function as intended.This is done by imparting stability through the tension membrane effect into the road section reducing rutting and extending roadway life.


Product Paraments:

Woven geotextile
item Specification
20-15 30-22 40-28 50-35 60-42 80-56 100-70
Vertical Breaking strength(KN/M≥) 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
horizontal Breaking strength(KN/M≥) 15 22 28 35 42 50 70
vertical Elongation at break(%) 28
CBR Bursting strength(KN) 1.6 2.4 3.2 4 4.8 6 7.5
Vertical permeability coefficient(cm/s) 0.0001-0.01
Unit area weight(g/㎡) 120 160 200 240 280 340 400
Deviation rate(%) ±10



1: Ground Cover is also called anti grass cloth, weed control fabric, anti weed mat, weed barrier, ground cover fabric and pp woven fabric.Our weed barrier fabric, also a geotextile fabric, features premium material and a solid structure to withstand various weather conditions for long-lasting use, effectively inhibit weed or grass growth, and avoid direct sunlight. It is a great helper to thrive your plants and reduce soil erosion.


Installation method of weed control mat
1. Soil fixation method: easy to save money
2. Fixing method of plastic floor nails: generally use 16cm long floor nails, one between 1-1.5m
3. Fixing method of U-shaped steel nails:High cost, U-shaped steel nails are only made of carbon steel. The outside of the U-shaped steel nails is cold galvanized to ensure its service life, However, the price of this steel nail is too high, so it is often used in combination with plastic floor nails. The U-shaped nails are used on the outside of the grass proof cloth, and plastic floor nails are used in the middle. This ensures the problem of fixing the grass proof cloth, The second is to solve the problem of hanging the straw proof cloth when the plastic floor nail is pulled out.

Applications2: Silt fence, a temporary linear filter structure for efficient erosion control, is composed of premium geotextile fabric supported by wire mesh fence and metal posts, and sorts of accessories. Used as a vertical permeable interceptor, it is designed to greatly trap and allow settlement of soil particles from sediment-laden water or limit the transport of eroded soil from the construction site by water runoff which will cause serious damage to water and soil.

Being lightweight, durable erosion, easy to install and remove, silt fence has a wide application in various areas. It is typically used along streams and channels, around environmentally sensitive areas, at the bottom of highly erodible slopes, on the construction sites, etc. to control the sediment and protect the environment.

We can mainly offer fabric, wire mesh, steel stakes and prefabricated wire backed fabric which is a kit form for your convenience. You can choose silt fences according to your own requirements and applications.


Applications3: Composite Geotextile, also known as geotextile, is a water permeable geosynthetic material made of synthetic fibers through acupuncture or weaving. Composite geotextile is one of the new geosynthetics, which is widely used in geotechnical engineering such as water conservancy, electric power, coal mines, highways, and railways.

Ntpep Certified Woven Fabric Stabilization PP Woven Geotextile for Soil Reinforcement



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